Friday, August 15, 2014

love makes the world go 'round

And that love is about to catapult us, once again, to the other side of this world!

As I type, we are waiting on the FedEx man to deliver our LOA!!!!

Just one day after being match reviewed, it arrived in Birmingham!

If you're one of those out there bewildered by all the acronyms adoption people like me throw around, just know this.  The LOA (Letter of Acceptance) is THE ONE.  Quite simply, it's the paper that says China has reviewed our mound of paperwork and reviewed our little MK's file and has agreed that, yep, we're a good match.  She's all ours.  WOOHOO!!!

So now we get on a plane and go get her, right?

If only.

Because you know what the world needs more of?  


Now things flip to the US immigration side of things.  We're down to a half dozen hoops to jump through, I think.  But we are very, very close to bringing our baby girl HOME in just a matter of weeks!

Coincidentally, today is the day we were going to launch our t-shirt fundraiser, believe it or not.  We weren't expecting the LOA until next week, so I guess God wanted us to have something to celebrate!  We have two designs to choose from!   The first was designed by none other than Mindy!  And it's so fitting.

ladies slim fit jersey knit v-neck
order one size up for a more relaxed fit
deep heather gray

mens/unisex/kids lightweight slightly fitted tee
asphalt gray for mens; slate gray for kids

Love really does make the world go 'round. 

Love makes the world a little smaller.

And love definitely makes it a whole lot better.

But you know what changes the world?  

Ask my eight-year-old.  

She called a family meeting last weekend.

It's crazy around this home of ours these days.  Early morning wake-ups with school starting and ruining my summer.  Closets have puked everywhere. Laundry is behind because the washer and dryer periodically decide to freak me out by not working properly and make me lose my mind. Projects are in progress and not anywhere close to being finished.  And it's marching band season. Apparently, we'd all been a little too grumpy to each other to suit her liking.  So, in true Caroline form, she set us all straight.  And we all sat there and blinked our eyes at her with conviction.  

Miss Caroline opened up her "Jesus Calling" devotional, read it to us and made her statement.

And hence a shirt was born.

Because she's right.  

She sure changed ours.

mens/unisex lightweight slightly fitted v-neck - black only

ladies slim fit jersey knit v-neck
order one size up for more relaxed fit
choose from red or black

kids lightweight slightly fitted tee
choose from red or black

Visit our shop page on 2000 tutus! to order yours!  
And thanks for being part of our story and helping us bring Mary-Kate home!

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